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HackTheBox was vulnerable to reverse tabnabbing

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BugReverse Tab-Napping
Submitted on28 Aug 2020
Fixed on29 Aug 2020
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Brief :

This was an easy bug but you should never underestimate any bug no matters how impacful it is (excluding very low ones).

As you all know that there is a section in profile of a hackthebox user where walkthroughs are shown submitted by him/her , so in that section when you will click on any machine’s writeup submitted by the user you will be simply redirected to a new tab and to the writeup itself , But the main thing was the new tab was opening with target="_blank" (its a link opener attribute in html). So I was able to redirect the user to a new url (any phishing page or any malicious website) using the window.parent.location.replace() (js code).

Reverse Tab-napping is the bug which did exist in gitlab , facebook , instagram etc…

Bug Poc :

So lets get started how i find the bug and exploited it , here is the poc video

Identifying the bug

I submitted magic machine’s writeup on hackthebox and the team approved it , On the same time I was testing a platform from bugcorwd and i was testing for reverse tabnabbing there . I visit my hackthebox profile to check if walkthrough is approved or not and then I opened the writeup link and as obvious it redirected to new tab on my writeup page , then i also decided to test hackthebox for the tabnabbing

view-page source

I just tried to check the HTML of the page to view how they are opening the writeup in the new tab and I was surprised (bcz it was infront of everyone’s eyes) they were doing that like this

<a href="" target="_blank" >Magic</a>

exploiting the bug

And they were using target="_blank" without omiting rel="noopener nofollow" and now i am 1000% sure that i can exploit it.

I added the following code to my markdown file (since i am using github pages) of magic machine writeup and push the changes to github

if (window.opener) window.opener.parent.location.replace('');
if (window.parent != window) window.parent.location.replace('');

What the code will do is it will check if there is a Windows-open then replace the parent windows with the url i specified

my has the following code , Its just a dummy page that can be a malicious page or phishing page

<h1>A fake htb page / any malicious site</h1>

now if i simply click on the magic writeup on my profile I will be redirected to the writeup page but the initial tab will be redireted to you can check the bug poc video here….

I am able to redirect the initial page to a new page

And i make a nice poc while my college's online classes were running lol , and i didn’t pay any attention to the class at all since i was busy at making a poc and then i reported to them and got the response after 1 day

Live bug testing

If you want to test the bug , you can simply click on the link below and the writeup page will be redirected

What i did is add the url with the following code in my markdown file




<a href="" target="_blank" ></a>

Why this bug happens ?

When you open a link in a new tab ( target=”_blank” ), the page that opens in a new tab can access the initial tab and change it’s location using the window.opener property. And since it can access the initial page so i am able to change the parent tab to another page

Some references –


Some hackerone reports –


How to fix this type of bug

This can be simply fixed by adding a rel="noopener nofollow" attribute

Before fixing

<a href="" target="_blank" >Magic</a>

after fix

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">Magic</a>

and yes , it will be fixed

Thanks for Reading , i really appreciate it

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